Today's Devotional

Today's FAST

Thursday, February 28, 2019

  • Daniel Fast

Today's Prayer Targets

Thursday, February 28, 2019

1.Pastor Sonny/ Julie - Strength and Health
2.Elder Pastor Al/ Georgina and their family
3.Panama Crusade

1. Pastor Russell/ Martha (Ogden) and their family
2. Regional Leaders

1. Pastor Tom as he leads the VO International Worship Team
2. Sis. Dodie as she leads the VO International Kidz GANG Team
3. Pray for their grandchildren
4. Pray for our Leadership
5. Pray for the Young Adult Ministry
6. For all the New Converts
7.Pray for our Discipleship Homes
8. For Financial Blessing on our People
9. For a Bigger Tithing Base
10.Pray for all the Married Couples
11.Pray for all our Single Adults
12. Pray for for Single Moms
13.Pray for our kids as they go to school
14. Pray that God would Cover their Minds
15.Pray for Numerical Growth in our Church
16. Pray for Clarity of Vision in our Church
17. Pray that We would Become a Base Church
18.Pray for the Calling of God to be evident in our Church
19. Pray that People would respond to the Call
20.Pray for a Home for our Church
21.That God would open the door and Give us Favor
22. Pray for a spirit of Intention in our Church